What is Co-Working With Kids?

Co-Working With Kids is all about connecting working parents to solve a challenge we all share -childcare! Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, student, or part-time remote worker, you probably understand just how difficult it can be to stay focused and productive with little ones underfoot.

Co-Working With Kids offers a unique solution for this common challenge. Working parents meet up in a common space to get work done while the kids play. It’s a win for everybody, and a great chance to connect with fellow working parents in your community.

Who started this site?

Mary Helen Leonard started hosting our first Co-Working With Kids session at her home in South Austin. She’s a full-time blogger, author, and mama to one energetic little boy.


Is it free?

YES! Co-Working With Kids is not a business, or even an official organization. Nobody is making a profit. Our goal is to start a movement of working parents supporting each other through what is often a truly challenging phase of life.

Co-working sessions are set up by individuals and communities based on their own needs. Some sessions may require parents to share the cost of childcare, while others depend on parents to care for kids while they work.

Some sessions are hosted by parents who volunteer to share their home, wifi, toys, etc. while others may be hosted in public spaces that may or may not have a cost to use.

No matter how a session is set up, parents are responsible for their own children, work, resources, and safety.